Tools for Consciousness Transformation

I’ve updated the nvcatwork site to include a suite of open-source software tools that enable a different kind of personal and leadership development program.

Mobile-friendly tools

Conventional personal development and leadership programs are primarily delivered through workshop or lecture format. These tools allow for a totally different approach. Instead of delivering the content all at once, these tools optimize for higher retention by allowing users to engage with the concepts on a daily basis and when it is most relevant for them. This program acknowledges that for many people, it would be preferable to have a set of tools that can be accessed from their phone at any time. Sometimes that zoom call isn’t the ideal moment for personal development. These mobile-friendly tools are designed to optimize retention by allowing users to interact with the concepts on a daily basis and when it is most relevant for them.

Real Change Requires Targeted Work

Unlike typical personal development programs, which often focus on generic examples and broad topics, my approach recognizes that real behavior change requires targeted interventions that address specific habits and behavior patterns.

Someone might find inspiration from a charismatic presentation or dynamic workshop, but actual behavior change requires consistent practice. Passive consumption of intellectual entertainment doesn’t lead to real change. Skip the long presentation. Turn the workshop into a tool that can be used on a daily basis. Trust that real behavior change requires lived experience and happens at the individual level over time.


I’ve noticed this pattern of organizations putting out values or priority lists with at least five or six points. If you’re trying to focus on eight things, you’re not really focused on anything. You’re multi-tasking. If you have eight values, it just comes off like platitudes. If you have one or two core values, I’m more likely to take it seriously.

This program limits the focus to just one area each week: Listening, Empathy, Values, Habits. One tool for each area of focus. One tool to utilize for just a few minutes each day to keep someone really proactively focused on each topic.

These tools are practical, evidence-based, and designed for busy professionals who don’t have a lot of time or patience for personal development. By leveraging technology, they seamlessly integrate into daily life, making it more likely for users to actually adopt new behaviors and see real improvements.

Ultimately, this program provides a fresh, modern approach to personal and leadership development. It’s free from pseudoscience or dogma, and instead focuses on delivering real, measurable results.

Week One: Develop Awareness of Habitual Reactions

reactionsjournal An interactive tool designed to help users develop awareness of unproductive habitual reactions in conversation. By recognizing these patterns, users can begin to respond intentionally and avoid reactive behavior that can damage communication. What is measured is managed. The app provides a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to supporting participants in their development of empathetic listening and NVC skills when compared with just workshops alone.

Week Two: Develop the Capacity to Give and Receive Empathy

selfempathyapp Guides users on a self-empathy process to understand and accept their own emotions, thoughts, and experiences with kindness, compassion, and non-judgment. The app uses Nonviolent Communication (NVC) principles, which focus on expressing oneself in an honest, clear, and compassionate way while also listening to others with empathy and understanding. The app helps users identify and articulate their initial and underlying feelings, as well as their needs, which can lead to better emotional regulation, stress management, and healthier choices.

Week Three: Live From Your Values

dovalues A simple and user-friendly to-do list web app that encourages users to identify their values and add action items under each value. The app allows users to add and customize values, write descriptions for each value, and then add to-do items under associated values. Ultimately, the app aims to help users shift from a project-based mindset to a values-based mindset by encouraging them to think about how they can align their daily to-dos with their values.

Week Four: Generate Ideas Every Day

nineideas Encourages users to generate new ideas every day. The website aims to cultivate a positive daily internet habit characterized by creative thinking and active engagement, rather than mindless scrolling and passive consumption of information. The ‘daily streak’ tracking is designed to serve the user, encouraging them to form positive habits around internet use. Generating nine ideas requires a mindset of non-attachment, openness, curiosity, and exploration, leading to a more diverse and expansive range of ideas. The process also shifts the user’s thinking from the obvious to the abundant, cultivating thinking that is broad and deep.

Personal growth and development are important pursuits, but it’s important to find approaches that actually work. These four tools offer a practical and straightforward approach to consciousness transformation. These tools are easily integrated into our daily routine so that we can get on with our life in a way that is meaningfully improved.