Joseph Martinez
Software engineer with experience building full-stack web applications and rapid prototypes.

TypeScript | Python | React | Next.js | Tailwind | Supabase | Firebase | Node.js | PostgreSQL | MongoDB
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Fully implemented, reliable medical charting app currently in beta with real clinical users.

Uses speech-to-text and foundational models to generate and validate structured clinical notes from audio input.

TypeScript, Next.js, React, Tailwind, Supabase, Replicate, OpenAI, Anthropic

Medical dashboard enabling patients to prepare for, record, and review healthcare appointments.

Streaming chat component, realtime DB, custom RAG pipeline, semantic search using vector embeddings.

TypeScript, Next.js, React, Tailwind, Supabase, Replicate, OpenAI, Exa


Minimalist social network encouraging users to generate ideas every day.

Implemented custom automated content moderation using a foundational AI model.

MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js, Google Cloud,


Fine-tuned a resnet CNN model to identify cloud types.

Built custom UI and deployed on Netlify.

Python, fastai, Javascript, React, Tailwind, Netlify

self-empathy app

Simple React app to learn and practice self-empathy.

Uses local storage to respect user privacy.

Javascript, React, React Router, Tailwind, Vite, Netlify

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